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Lawyer, linguist, communication coach, brain alchemist, mining social neuroscience for insights on how to captivate, engage and influence


@MY_LABELS: Performance coach, communications strategist, lawyer, peacemaker, linguist, brain alchemist, entrepreneur, a tech geek, blogger, life-long learner, creative visionary…to be continued.

While labels can be useful as convenient shortcuts for our brains, my main mission is to help people transform beyond their labels. Here, you can learn a little bit about me, and I’ll be thrilled if you decide to join me in my social networks below, so that we could continue our mutual learning and sharing. But first, let me properly introduce myself…

I am Anastasia Pryanikova. I am the founder of E-Studio, LLC, a coaching, training and consulting company that uses neuroscience insights to help individuals and businesses improve communication and performance.

My background is in linguistics and cognition (M.A.) and law (J.D.) From a linguist exploring the language of advertising, to a corporate lawyer working internationally, to a U.S. Small Business Administration legal adviser counseling small business leaders, I’ve been in the business of “changing people’s minds” to facilitate high-stake conversations and decisions across borders, cultures, and industries.

Law sharpened my critical thinking and decision-making skills, trained me to listen carefully, think on my feet and ask good questions. Linguistics and cognitive sciences made me attuned to the intricacies of language and communication and the interplay between language and thought. I have always been a student of human behavior, with a passion for learning and desire to know how people can achieve their full potential and influence others. This prompted me to get my coaching certification and focus my practice on designing tools and solutions to help people embrace their creativity and unique expression, improve interpersonal skills, effectively manage conflicts, and promote learning and collaboration.

A self-proclaimed tech-geek, I am also on the lookout for how technology and social media can strengthen our human connections, engage communities, and boost our influence.

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