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March 21, 2007


Frank Felberbaum

Dear Anastasia- Thank you for your reference to The Name Game that I developed for Scientific American Frontiers(PBS). Just to update you, I have a book, The Business of Memory...Fast-Track Your Career With Supercharged Brainpower by Frank Felberbaum(Rodale 2005)which is the first memory book designed for people who work and the business environment. There are a number of stories and examples in my book that relate to the study and application of law. Lawsagna is a very interesting site. Thank you again.
Frank Felberbaum
Memory Training Systems


Dear Frank - Thank you for stopping by and sharing the information about your book. I think, we all can use memory boost.


You learn something new every day ... though considering myself an expert, I wasn't aware of the sites you mentioned, thanks!

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