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April 25, 2007


Bruce Miller

Just a Thought.
Whether we like it or not, fear is part of our life, and it is often part of the learning Fear process. When we learn new things, we challenge ourselves, we venture outside our comfort zone, we grow, change, and redefine who we are. That’s when we become scared. What if I am not smart and capable enough to do it? What would others think of me if I fail? What would they say if I follow my gut instinct and not what everybody else says I should do? How will I handle rejection? Can I be financially secure? How we respond to those fears has a huge impact on our success in life, happiness, and peace of mind. So how do you deal with fear?

Perhaps, you welcome fear. You may even believe that if you don’t feel fear, you are not doing enough. Fear may propel you to action. Is Fear Actually An Asset? It may well be according to Success from the Nest. Get to know your fear and learn from it.

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