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April 27, 2007


Solo Dreamer

Anastasia, this is a great post and a nice tie in to your "How do you deal with fear?" post from earlier this week. I can see from my own experiences that demotivation is currently caused by a combination of the factors you mention. I'm not motivated to work for someone else, I'm burnt out, sleep deprived, stressed and the weather hasn't been good enough to play golf or ride my bike. So all told my motivation level reads empty right now. But identifying the source is the first step to changing your fortunes and this post presents a nice starting point for that.


Thank you, Solo Dreamer. Identifying those demotivating factors helps me to remember that my sulky mood will pass if I sleep more, eat better, get outdoors (taking a better care of myself really) and that it doesn't mean that I am dissatisfied with my goals or have second thoughts about my decisions. Sometimes, just stepping away from the current projects, if only for a short while, does the trick for me. I like to say, "I don't want M&M's but I'll take N&N's: nourishment and nurturing."

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