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June 22, 2007


Brett Farmiloe

I'm excited that you read our blog! Thanks for mentioning Pursue the Passion.


Your project is great! Happy travels! And thanks for dropping by.


I find your blog very inspirational and original, Lawsagna. We are one month away from the big, bad California Bar. I'll have to think real hard about what five things I WILL be happy about come Friday, July 27th! I will write back then.


calbarblondie -- Good luck on the big, bad bar! I know, it's hard to be excited about anything when the bar is on your mind. But it will be over and the life will resume. And thanks a lot for your nice comment :)

Susan Cartier Liebel

Anastasia, thank you for your great posts. This one just hit the spot. What a great website to discover and share with all of us. Everyone needs real inspiration once in a while.


Thank you, Susan. I thought so too when I came across that website.

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