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July 17, 2007


Andrew Flusche

Very nice post. I was just thinking about foods to eat during the bar exam marathon. Lunch will be especially hard, due to the overall rushed time and surge of examinees hitting nearby restaurants. And I definitely can't do without a caffeine fix those days. As an enlightened Bar/Bri lecturer said, "If you're on drugs now, don't quit before the bar exam."



I have to admit that I didn't give up on my morning coffee either. For lunch, I managed to grab a salad in the restaurant of the hotel where the bar exam took place. Maybe, you can have somebody pre-order food at a nearby restaurant for you to pick up during the break.

Frank Felberbaum

If you are eating an entree with a protein(meat,chicken,etc.),starch and vegetable, eat about 25% of the protein first before touching the starch or vegetable. This is an another way to get the tyrozine started before the tryptophan.

Mr Memory


Mr Memory, thank you for a great tip!


ok i live in london and i have my sats coming up in year 9 and i have a short cosentration span and was wondering if there was a food that can help with that and keep me relaxed and energized?

Frank Felberbaum


As a memory expert, I need to be on my mental toes. I find eggs(boiled or poached)to provide me with enormous mental & physical energy. Since I don't eat eggs every day, I feel it's impact directly. Salmon & blueberries are two other valuable foods that will help you prior to an exam. In addition to eating, you should train yourself to expand your concentration level through specific exercises on a daily basis. My book, The Business of Memory(2005-Rodale), is a good one to start with as it has specific easy exercises to follow each day. The one to focus on is the Great Mandala process. Concentration is the key to your memory and it can be trained to a very high level which will enable you to take in more information in less time and keep it. The key to greater concentration is to get your eyes & your mind working together as a team. Hope this helps.

Frank Felberbaum


Our brain runs on glucose, I keep lifesavers with me, something simpl e...not cake or cookies! Also, don't have anything too high in processed sugar or caffiene, you don't want to have so much energy you become scattered brained.

*Reeses Penut Butter Cups* AkA Reesey!!!

idk i wake up at aroung 7:00 (school starts at 8 but i have to go early so i can go to my locker so i have to be at school by 7:50 wich never happens anyway) and usually i skip breakfast and eat when i get home, skip lunch and do it all over again. i am not on a special diet and i eat anything i want really but i am not hungary in the morning


my personal choice is gallons of hot green tea the night before a test, while studying, and a chocolate and/or energy drink in the morning. not so healthy, but it works!)

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