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July 10, 2007



Thanks so much for recommending the new blog, Anastasia. Very interesting questions that you ask. And another thanks for linking to our article about the brain in law school.


You have a lot of thought-provoking material there, Stephanie. It's a great read. Thank you!

Sylvia Grant

Hi Stephanie and Jeffrey,
Many thanks for making "Brains on Purpose" available on the web, it is truly fabulous!
I would very much appreciate it if you could please comment on neuro-linguistic programming [NLP] and how it relates to neuroscience or neuroplasticity.
Thanks and regards,


It is create to find this blog I read Dr Schwartz's book, The Mind and The Brain about 6 years ago and have now picked it up again as I have a girl friend with OCD. It is fantastic to read again and I think it is something everybody needs to read and realize in our fast paced, information overload world. Looking forward to following this blog.

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