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August 09, 2007



Excellent list of new blogs for me to check out. And I have indeed enjoyed your work, A, though I've never been within sniffing distance of going to law school. (I did date a law student while in college, but I don't think that counts, and she was kind of snooty, anyway).

Keep it up! This is a neat place to come to learn about learning. :)

Rosa Say for Joyful Jubilant Learning

Aloha Anastasia, I am thrilled to learn that you have been reading Joyful Jubilant Learning, thank you! This is quite a compliment, and we sincerely appreciate your including us within your award list of thinking bloggers. We will continue to put our very best foot forward in writing and learning up to these expectations.

Your passion for learning certainly does speak loud and clear in what you have written here Anastasia, and I shall be adding your Lawsagna (LOVE the creativity of your name and tagline) to my own personal subscription choices.


Anastasia, what an honor for Joyful Jubilant Learning to be selected. We have such a superb group of contributors on that site. Blessings!


Gritsforbreakfast - thank you for the award and your kind words. I feel the pressure to perform :)

Mahalo Rosa. Thank you for your kind comment. I love reading JJL, and I recently updated my feed to make sure I would get your Managing with Aloha Coaching. The values you share with your readers are truly inspirational.


Tim - Thank you for all the good work you do.

Tim Draayer

Anastasia - Very cool. Its always good to meet the readers who are becoming a part of your community at JJL.

Look forward to reading more about what you have to say here on your blogging territory.

Have a great one!


Tim - Thank you so much for stopping by. The JJL community is wonderful.


Thanks so much, Anastasia. I do appreciate the honor and compliment. With your comment about neuroscience, I wanted to make sure you meanst idealawg and not Brains On Purpose™?


Stephanie - I can't choose between them, both are wonderful. I think Idealawg got me "hooked" on the topic and now your more recent collaboration with Dr. Jeffrey Schwartz "Brains on Purpose" deepens the subject. I'd take the liberty and split the award between the two.

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