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October 05, 2007


Jason Womack

v. clever title...most of us remember that story of the "buckets, the rocks, the pebbles and the water..."

I too am a big non-fan of the W/L B.

Can't be done...I have found that the moment part of my experience is on cruise control (I have the job I want, the relationship I want, the home I want) I'm looking out there to do something more (volunteer at the local after-school tutoring center, travel to Costa Rica to help with conservation, learn about sustainability and transportation into the 22nd century).

Thanks for bringing this out in your blog!


Jason, thank you for your comment. I also feel that there is always that other idea, interest or project that is going to unbalance any kind of balance I may try to achieve. I like to think about my days in terms of rhythms, routines, flow, and energy.

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