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November 30, 2007



Thank you for posting this article. I also try hard to live my values as my career as much as humanly possible and this article (posts from Steve) helps tremendously. My appreciation to you is in the highest sense for introducing it to me.

To show you my gratitude I would like to share with an article I found that also helps in regards to finding your passion and making it your career: http://consciousflex.blogspot.com/2008/01/how-to-find-your-passion-and-make-it.html
Thank you indeed, please keep up the incredible work in helping others!


Hi..you seem to truly understand what a career should be like..not just another means to an end..! Well,right now i'm really confused with what to do-I'm already working on a job but not happy with it..want a change of career but i'm only sure of what i don't want..can you help figure out things ??

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