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December 05, 2007


Larry Brown

Nice article. I always try to teach my kids to have the "growth mind-set". I am a firm believer that you accomplish what you believe you can accomplish. I am a 37 year old non-traditional law student with six children and a full-time job. If I had a fixed mind-set I could not succeed. But I am in my second year, and I have made either the honor roll or dean's list each term.

While I do get discouraged at times, I believe that this is what I am supposed to be doing and that I can do it. I also believe most people could accomplish more with the proper mind-set.


Larry, thank you for your comment. I think, having a "can-do" mindset is so important for law students and lawyers (for anybody, really, who wants to be proactive in his or her life). Your example is very inspiring.


It’s easier to work towards your own interests than working together as a group to solve a problem. It's even harder to unite other countries with different global agendas towards a common goal.

There's a lot of thought provoking video clips regarding complexity and how global problems become almost impossible to solve on a Facebook community page

Why do we have a tendency to fight one another when we know sharing results in the most optimum outcome for everyone? Why does our biology cause us to hurt the ones we love, hoard resources and compete with one another?

Heres the link to the video

Apparently, our biology determines how we react with the rest of society.

The individual is smart and insightful.

Humans in groups are dumb, act under peer pressure and towards social conformity.

Without great leadership, people in groups are stupid, violent, competitive and selfish. And only if those groups of people are listening to good advice from their leaders or role models.

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