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March 18, 2010


Quint Zoxpro

I think it is very important we study our brain and how it works, but my question is. Why do we regard as having more neurons as better? I do know how the brain works, it seeks old "ports" for the new information to connect to, that's how we remember.

But has there been any research about people who have more neurons and those with less neurons and the connection to how successful they are?

I think the whole intelligence is overestimated, because in reality it doesn't mean much.


As I understand, new neurons can be used in memory-forming cir­cuits to learn new information and form more memories. Some studies involved spatial learning, for example. But if new neurons are not needed, they won't survive - the "use it or lose it" principle. There is a good article on this topic at SharpBrains:

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