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March 15, 2010


linda stevens

i believe i am being harassed by a dbt collector jacobs law firm jani her name she calls now 2 times a day leaves message needs to talk to me today, the debt is old i got sick lost my job i believe the tried to get money out of my old acct. i was told it came back nsf did not give them permisssion . i have sent them 10.00 a month not good enough wants 90.00 i told them i can send what i can afford they wanted to know my incomw bankk acct and how much bills i have i wouldnt give rhem info. they are saying an attoney will review and possibly go to another collection agrncy next week. so stress i am trying dont they have to accept what i send soon as they got the 10.00 end of feb called 2 days later sending a payment tomorrow
i neeed help

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